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Why Do I Need To Be Saved? Saved From What?

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December 16, 2021

In order to have salvation, there must be a need for it.

Saved? Saved from what? Why?

Isaiah prophesied to a nation that had turned a deaf ear to the Lord. Instead of serving Him with humility and offering love to their neighbors, the nation of Judah offered meaningless sacrifices in God’s temple at Jerusalem and committed injustices throughout the nation.

The people of Judah turned their backs on God and alienated themselves from Him, which created the need for Isaiah’s pronouncements of judgment—declarations made in the hope that God’s chosen people would return to Him.

There is a strong presence of judgment that runs through the first thirty-nine chapters of Isaiah, but the overall theme is salvation. How can the two coexist? The presence of judgment indicates its necessity for salvation to occur.

Today we read where Isaiah again emphasizes the bad news of the Lord’s wrath, helping us understand why the people were being condemned and why we ourselves need a Savior even today.


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