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When Parents Age

February 7, 2022

I recently shared this on the air, and so many asked for it. I hope this encourages you to love your parents well.

When Parents Get Old

Let them grow old with the same love that they let you grow.

Let them speak and tell repeated stories with the same patience and interest that they heard yours as a child.

Let them overcome, like so many times when they let you win.

Let them enjoy their friends just as they let you.

Let them enjoy the talks with their grandchildren because they see you in them.

Let them enjoy living among the objects that have accompanied them for a long time because they suffer when they feel that you tear pieces of this life away.

Let them be wrong, like so many times you have been wrong and they didn’t embarrass you by correcting you.

LET THEM LIVE and try to make them happy the last stretch of the path they have left to go; give them your hand, just like they gave you their hand when you started your path!

“Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the Lord your God is giving you.” – God (Exodus 20:12)

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