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When God Hands You A Detour

No Turn Sign against a blue sky
April 30, 2020
Caroline Burk

Thousands of years ago, on their way to the land God promised them, the Israelites encountered Edom. Now, Edom wasn’t exactly what you’d consider a hospitable neighbor. They actually were anything but willing to cooperate to make the Israelites journey a bit easier.

In Numbers 20:14-21, the Israelites found themselves looking to pass through Edom, so Moses sent messengers to ask for permission from the Edomite king. Moses gave his best sales pitch in order to gain passage through this kingdom – he told them of the hardships they had faced from Egypt mistreating them for many years, said they would not to go through any field or vineyard, and even promised not to drink water from any of their wells as they were passing through.

Despite his convincing angles and persistent pleading, Moses got denied passage through Edom – not once, but twice. To top it all off, after the second stern “No,” Edom came out with a “large and powerful army” (v. 21). This inconvenience didn’t cause Moses and the Israelites to call it quits; instead, Moses peacefully accepted the answer and began to seek God for another solution.

It’s important to note that the Israelites were on a journey ordained by God. They were literally on their way to the promised land and had God leading them through Moses. This aspect is significant to remember because it demonstrates how we can be acting in accordance with God’s will and perfect plan, yet still face opposition and hardship.

Like the Israelites, God may have given you a promise, but you’re facing problems at every turn. When we have been seeking God and following His direction and things still look bleak, we have to remember that a life with God does not mean the absence of problems and roadblocks. John 16:33 even tells us that we will face trouble, but we don’t have to face it alone.

So when trouble arises, which it will, don’t take it as the absence of God’s presence in your life. Instead, let’s take a note from Moses by refusing to let the trouble defeat us and seeking God for His direction as we move forward.

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