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What You Need To Hear If You’ve Ever Wondered “Will God Help Me?”

landscape of a dry desert with rocks in the foreground and a mountain in the distance against a pale blue sky
November 28, 2022

Each of us has our own wilderness. A place where we struggle, wander, and try to figure out life with no clear answers…

You could be wrestling with relationships between friends, loved ones, or family. Maybe you desperately want children and it isn’t happening for you. Maybe it’s not related to those things at all; Instead, it could be that your struggles are connected to your employment or finances. You could be feeling the constant pressure of insufficient funds. Or maybe it’s an ongoing health issue you’re battling.

Do any of these sound like your wilderness? There are countless other life scenarios that I could’ve named, but the point is: we all have a wilderness. Furthermore, the questions we all might be asking are:

“Where is God in the wilderness?”

“Did He lead me here?”

“Why don’t I hear Him?”

“Will He save me?”

This is a biblical principle and one that reverberates throughout the Bible, but it begins in today’s reading from Exodus. This episode of VERSED is inspired by a message I listened to by John Piper. Listen below as we explore Exodus 17:1-7 and what it means for our wilderness journeys.


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