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What Mandisa Is Looking For In A Man

October 12, 2021

Mandisa is as genuine as it gets. I always love conversations with her!

She last appeared on Season 1, Episode 8 – Mrs. Almighty – and now we’re catching up.

The pandemic had just begun when last talked, so on this episode of Your Day Brighter®, we chat about life since the pandemic changed the world and how she’s dealt with this hard season. Mandisa has been open about her struggle with depression, so we talk a little bit about that.

We also talk about singleness. This woman is such a catch! She loves God, she’s brilliant, strong, beautiful, gifted, and fun. And… she LOVES football. What kind of man is Mandisa looking for her? Has she changed her view of what she wants because of the pandemic? It gets real when we talk about trusting God with the deepest desires of our hearts and how hard it is to meet that special someone, especially during a pandemic. 

There’s hope, and Mandisa knows it…and I hope you come away knowing it, too.  


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