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Watch This Video From The Ravens And Try Not To Cry

Lamar Jackson reading letters from kids
February 3, 2020
Caroline Burk

On February 1st, Lamar Jackson was officially crowned the 2019 NFL MVP.

Not only did Jackson receive the award, but he did so unanimously. This is an achievement only accomplished once before by the Patriot’s Tom Brady in the 2010 season.

After the quarterback received the award, the Ravens released a heartwarming video titled “Letters to Lamar” that is too cute not to share.

Children from the Baltimore area narrate the video by reading letters they wrote to Lamar Jackson about how much they admire him.

“Letters to Lamar” is proof of how much of an impact Jackson left on Baltimore this past season, and like the rest of the city, we are looking forward to more from Lamar in the years to come.

The next season is just a few months away and until then I’ll leave you with a few wise words from Mark Ingram himself… Big Truss – WOOP! WOOP!


Video and image credit to the Baltimore Ravens.

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