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Trust The Pruning

August 16, 2021

This is a direct quote from an email we got from our HOA a few days ago:

“…has targeted summer pruning of shrubs… Please place a red reflector or sign on your property if you don’t want your shrubs pruned.”

If only they knew how ironic this is to me right now.

Lately, I’ve been living in John 15, which is all about the Vine and the branches, how God prunes our branches that are bearing fruit so that they will bear MORE fruit.

Pruning is cutting back.


I FEEL the pruning. Know what I mean?

I feel the fruit too. And it’s hard to let some of that fruit just go because even more fruit is budding. I want to put out that sign on my property:

“No thanks! Pruning hurts.”

And then I’m reminded, it’s not MY vine. It’s God’s. And as long as I’m connected to Him, more fruit is coming.

Trust the pruning.

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