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Truffles The Cat Makes Kids Feel Comfortable And Confident In Their Glasses

A black cat with a white chest and nose wearing different types of small glasses
August 2, 2021

Getting glasses usually isn’t the easiest or most exciting thing for a kid. A lot of children are nervous about wearing any type of corrective eye wear at first. This is exactly what Dr. Danielle Crull, an eye doctor at A Child’s Eyes, experienced first hand.

So how did Dr. Crull fix this problem? Truffles!

No, not the food. Truffles is a cat with a very important job: to confidently wear glasses so kids feel better about wearing theirs.

After rescuing Truffles, Dr. Crull noticed how smart her new cat was and she began teaching her tricks. Then, soon after seeing what Truffles could do, she had the idea to train Truffles to wear glasses.

In an interview with Fox10, Dr. Crull said, “I wondered if I could get her to wear a pair of glasses because that would be really great for kids to see, that would make them feel more comfortable. Because obviously, in this business, some kids come in and they’re fine. But we do get a lot of really shy, scared kids.”

Truffles sports all colors and styles of glasses, from leopard to green, to help kids warm up to the idea of glasses.

Dr. Crull has also trained Truffles to wear an eye patch to set an example for kids being treated for amblyopia and other eye conditions that may require an eye patch.

While Truffles looks fierce and fabulous in any style of glasses she wears, the best part of it all is that she’s helping countless kids feel confident and remember they’re not alone.

You can browse Truffles’ very own Instagram to see her endless eye-attire looks and amazing tricks, or show her pictures to a kid you know who might need a bit of encouragement with their glasses!

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