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Treasured Moments In Black History: Jackie Robinson

February 1, 2023

Hope has a strange way of shining. It’s most evident in difficult times. This is Treasured Moments In Black History.

When faced with the cruelest of racism, baseball legend Jackie Robinson learned to use his Christian faith to fight evil with goodness.

Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia in 1919. Years later he became a stellar athlete in baseball at the University of California, Los Angeles. When World War II came, he was drafted into the Army. During basic training, he refused to be segregated to the back of the bus. He was court-martialed for his actions but was later acquitted.

He joined the Brooklyn Dodgers, making him the first African American in the 20th century to play major league baseball. Sadly, racial slurs and soda bottles were thrown at him during games, and many players, some from his own team, didn’t want to play with him. He also received numerous death threats.

Robinson faced his adversity with dignity and grace. He didn’t lash out at his persecutors; instead, he just did his job. Eventually, all of his hard work paid off. Robinson won rookie of the year in 1947 and most valuable player in 1949. In 1962, he was elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Jackie Robinson passed away in October of 1972, but his Christian faith and integrity make him a role model for many generations to come.

Treasured Moments in Black History is brought to you by Moody Publishers and their book Kingdom Race Theology by Dr. Tony Evans.

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