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Tracey Tiernan Talks With “Papa” David Crowder

March 1, 2022

It’s so easy to talk to David Crowder. Maybe he’s my brother from another mother?

I caught up with him recently while he was in one of his happy places: his tour bus. During our chat, I learned about some things that make him tick.

For example, for David, music is about collaboration, and collaboration is life! He shared with me the joy and impact of his recent collaboration with Maverick City Music and his love for making music for the church that spans generations and cultures.

Then, we talked about some self-discoveries David made during the pandemic; for example, why his wife Toni sent him downstairs to write songs instead of “helping” around the house. Crowder also shared the most beautiful thing he witnessed during the pandemic. I’m still pondering his answer.

It will surprise and inspire you. 

Yep, David Crowder is one of those delightful people you just want to hang out with. Seriously, I just want to sit around a rustic, cozy living room with David and his friends, along with a bunch of guitars, and sing our hearts out to Jesus. But until that day comes, this refreshing conversation over zoom will have to do! 

I know you’ll enjoy this chat with one of CCM’s most unique voices and prolific collaborators. Listen below…


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