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This Mom And Daughter Made Art Out Of A Dirty Sock

December 8, 2020

Parents: How long can your child’s dirty clothes stay on the floor before you take action?

For Xep Campbell, a mom in Washington state, the answer was a whole week.

On November 26th, Xep’s 10-year-old daughter, Kestrel, left a single dirty sock on the bathroom floor. And at first, Xep just left it there. Almost as a test to see how long it would take Kestrel to pick it up.

But when it was still on the floor a week later, Xep decided to have some fun with it. She printed out a little sign for the sock, making it look like a modern art piece on display.

And when Kestrel saw that, she decided to play along, adding a little pedestal for the sock.

From there, things took off. First, we saw the addition of some farm animal observers.

Then some other art pieces.

And then, the whole thing somehow became a very mismatched nativity scene.

As a reminder, this is all happening on the floor of their little bathroom.

In Jack’s words, that sock has been through it.

But who knew a dirty sock could spark so much creativity?


All photos from Xep Campbell on Facebook.

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