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The Story Behind Jeremy Camp’s New Song, “When You Speak”

September 29, 2021

When you’re surrounded by noise, how do you focus in and hear what God is saying?

Jeremy Camp hopes to answer that question with his new song, “When You Speak.”

At the start of the pandemic, Jeremy found his thoughts dominated by confusion and uncertainty. He just wanted the whole ordeal to end, and waited anxiously for that day to come.

“I felt the battle in my mind constantly,” Jeremy said in a Facebook post. “I kept saying to myself, ‘I can’t wait to get through this…'”

But one day, as he said those words, he heard an unmistakable voice respond.

Hear Jeremy tell the story here:

Jeremy had been stuck in a pattern of believing that there was nothing good to be gained from his season of life. But that wasn’t true.

When Jeremy made the decision to be still and ask God what He was trying to tell him, God replaced those lies with His truth. And Jeremy realized the power God’s voice has over the enemy’s.

“I realized that all those lies seemed to be the loudest in my mind, but then realized that they had no real power when I lay them at the feet of Jesus,” Jeremy shared. “When He speaks, mountains can move, fear is traded for peace, chains can be broken, and lies are drowned out.”

We hope this song reminds you of the power God’s voice has and encourages you to lean in and listen to what He’s saying to you, too.

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