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The Prayer You Didn’t Know You Needed

black and white picture of a man bowing his head into his folded hands as he prays
November 14, 2022
Steven Price

Psalm 86:17 NLT says, “Send me a sign of your favor. Then those who hate me will be put to shame, for you, O Lord, help and comfort me.”

We pray for a lot of things. Some are big and heavy, and some are short, to the point, and can be viewed as a little smaller, right?

But have you ever prayed for the favor of God?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with praying for a sign of God’s favor, just like David did in Psalm 86. If you’re reading through the Psalms, especially this one, you might see that David found out that sometimes, a sign of God’s favor is the very exact thing that we need.

Here is a word of caution on this, though…don’t be so focused on looking for a sign of God’s favor that you look past the signs of favor that He has already put right in front of you. For some of us, that might look like the support that we get from family and friends. For others, it could look like a loving church family and fellowship with other believers in Christ. If you’re like my sweet Grandmother, you see signs of God’s favor through the rising of the sun, through the rain, through new life, and just the gift of a new day (Love you, Grandmom!).

Today, go ahead and ask God for a sign of His love…it might just come in a way that you never expected. Below is a prayer if you need help finding the words:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your presence. It’s always with me, whether I can feel it or not. Today, I come to You looking for a sign of that presence, a sign of Your unfailing love and favor. Please give me eyes to see and confidence to believe this sign from You, and the signs You have already sent me. I love You. In Jesus Christ’s holy name, I pray. Amen.

Before you go, and as you prepare to receive this sign, remember this:

God sees your needs and knows you better than you can imagine. He knows your past. He knows your future. He knows your situation. He knows your hurt. No matter how high that mountain might get in front of you, He cares and He is with you. He will provide exactly what you need.

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