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Tasha Layton Finds That Sweet Spot

June 14, 2022

Her incredible voice has taken her to American Idol (season 9) and given her a 4-year stint as a back-up singer for Katy Perry.

But Tasha Layton has finally landed in a personal sweet spot: writing and singing music that draws people closer to God.

Have you heard her single, “Look What You’ve Done”? Whenever I hear it, I’m left undone! 

I was honored to hear her share a bit of her journey to this sweet spot of life, including going from performing in stadiums with elaborate productions to singing in intimate gatherings of worship. She also discusses her roles as a wife and mom, and her battle with depression that nearly took her life years ago.

She is a breath of fresh air; grateful and grounded in her faith. Her music is just one part of a beautiful soul that you’ll get to know in this episode of the podcast.

Listen below and get to know Tasha Layton. You’ll be glad you did!


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