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Tasha Layton Followed The Nudge & It Changed Her Life

Tasha Layton wearing a light blue jumpsuit while smiling and looking over her left shoulder with her arms crossed
April 26, 2023

Tasha Layton is passionate about using her voice to give others hope. She knows what it’s like to struggle with depression, and she has a heart for those who have experienced trauma and brokenness.

In this special episode of Your Day Brighter®, Tasha shares some of her spiritual practices that keep her mind and spirit healthy. She also tells an incredible story of following the nudge of the Holy Spirit and the life that was forever changed because of it.  

I love her music, but I love her heart even more. I’m sure you will too after listening to this episode. Check it out below!


You can learn about Your Day Brighter®‘s host Tracey Tiernan and discover more episodes of this podcast by visiting the Your Day Brighter® Podcast Page.

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