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So Long Normal with Laura Story

September 15, 2021

When your plans blow up and your dreams are disintegrating, how do you embrace a new normal and live an abundant life? Singer and author Laura Story shares the story of her not-so-normal life and how God has shown her His plans are always good. If you’ve been fighting disappointment because your plans aren’t working out, get ready for some real hope.

In this moment from Your Day Brighter® Episode 7 of Season 2, Laura shares the questions she’s asked when life didn’t go according to plan.

“Our family’s departure from ‘normal’ started in the first couple years of our marriage. Within the first two years of my marriage to my husband Martin, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I tell you that to say, first of all, whatever ‘normal’ newlywed years we were expecting ended up being very different, even to the point of realizing early on that as much as we’re trying to get back to normal and the way things were before, for whatever reason, that hasn’t been what’s happened so far.

Once we realized we aren’t going to have a normal life and normal family, we had to go through this process where we said, ‘Okay, this is going to look really different.’

How do we sustain?

How do we function?

And from a faith standpoint, I believe God to be a healer, I believe He has a good perfect plan for my life, yet all this brokenness remains. He’s not fixing things the way I imagined He would.

But it’s more than, ‘Hey God, how might you sustain me with the absence of normal?’ It’s, ‘God, how might you have brought about or allowed such a disruption of my normal for the purpose of doing, like Paul says in the book of Ephesians, ‘doing exceedingly more than I can think or ask’?

A lot of times we look at our lives and think it looks so different from what we thought it would be, it’s really hard, and we’re looking to God to say, ‘Help me get by!’ There are seasons where that’s completely appropriate, but also at some point in time, shifting to say, “Okay, it’s not just about getting by but believing Jesus when He says He’s come to give us life abundantly. We’re not believing that it’s some spiritual ‘abundant life of those who abide’ but it’s a big, exciting life, thriving.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, you can limp and thrive all at the same time! It all requires a whole lot of dependence on the Lord.”

Listen to Your Day Brighter® Season 2, Episode 7, with Laura Story now.

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