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She Went To Faith Fest And THIS Happened

Hands in the air at a concert
September 18, 2019

Faith Fest was this past weekend and after the fun was over, BRIGHT-FM received a powerful story from a listener named Brittany about how God worked in her life through this event. Read below about the amazing way God used Francesca Battistelli’s performance at Faith Fest to impact Brittany’s life.

Hi! I wanted to thank you guys for what you do. God moved through your platform yesterday. I had a long day after working and coaching. I was tired, sweaty, and depleted by the time 3:30PM rolled around. I get in my car at Glenelg High School, and I hear about Faith Fest in Bel Air. Francesca Battistelli is one of my all-time favorite artists of any genre. I’m sucker for acoustic music and I keep telling God that I’m going to GO when I feel Him telling me to move. With that “Okay God” mentality, I drove an hour and found a seat on the ground near the front side of the stage.

Everyone was there with their families (and chairs), dressed for a concert. There I was: alone, sitting directly on the ground near a shed to stay out of the way, wearing coaching sweats I had been in all day. But the music and His presence drew me to this place. Faithfully choosing to follow His prompting led to one of the most amazing performances I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing.

Not only were both her vocals and the guitar just SO GOOD, but there truly was an element of worship evident in every word she sang. She connected me with God, so it didn’t matter that I was alone or tired or uncomfortable. I forgot about all of that as she sang and I grew more and more grateful for God’s goodness to give me this moment.

Fast forward to “Holy Spirit” (the last song), and I’m standing with my eyes closed just enjoying this intimate moment with God, when a man startles me. We laugh, and he explains that he is the MC of the event and he would like to offer me the chance to meet “Franny” as he lovingly referred to her as. Of course I say yes, and then have to hide my happy tears as he walks me backstage to meet her. I still have no idea why this man singled me out. I still am in shock that this happened. All I know is that I got to meet one of my biggest role models all because I listened to God and said ‘GO!‘”

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