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Reminder: Stop Telling God What To Do

white bike sitting against a teal wall on a hill
August 1, 2022

I always pray and ask God to help me.

The thing is…I need to stop telling him HOW.

Recently, my husband Gary and I took our bikes across on the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry so we could bike around Oxford, Maryland.

We had a lovely time biking around that day, but when we came to catch the ferry back to our car in St. Michael’s, the ferry was closed for the rest of the day. Transmission problems.

One option would be to ride our bikes about 25-30 miles back to our hotel. We weren’t prepared for that. And we would have missed a special date we had set up with a local lady.

So, we prayed.

After praying, Gary got an idea. He went over to the yacht club and talked to a man who was working on his boat. This man’s name was Jay and he wasn’t able to get his boat out, but he instead said, ”Take my car!” He literally offered strangers his car!

As we were about to take his offer, he told us, “Wait! I’ve got a better option.” He then proceeded to introduce us to G.K – another stranger. And G.K offered to take us and our bikes across the river on his fishing boat.

I originally wanted the ferry just to be fixed so we could go across the way we planned.

I was telling God what to do, but He had something way better.

God showing up and showing off through the kindness of people. No better answer to our prayers than that.

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