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Pull Up A Chair

black folding chair sitting on white backdrop
September 4, 2019

Sometimes my emotions are like a big tangled up mess and I don’t even know how to articulate why I’m feeling the way I am or what exactly I’m feeling.

I don’t just want comfort- I want clarity too. I don’t just want to escape- I want to understand and be understood. I don’t want to wallow, but I want permission to be myself and even sit in it thoughtfully…so I pull up a chair, one for me and one across from me for Jesus.

He’s right there. But sometimes it helps me to see a tangible reminder of His constant Presence and care. 
Time with Jesus. He is my Strength, my Guide and my Counselor. And even in those times when He doesn’t give me all the answers I’m seeking, He gives me what I need most – His peace.

Need some answers? Peace? Hope? Pull up a chair.

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