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Poe, The Baltimore Ravens Mascot, Will Pop Into Your Virtual Classroom

May 11, 2020

We’ve seen a bunch of different video call pop-ins since this whole thing started. From family members to llamas crashing video calls, we’ve seen it all.

Or we thought we had seen it all. Because now, Poe, the Baltimore Ravens Mascot, is doing pop-ins for kids in online school!

Poe will pop in for kids in pre-K through 5th grade and play games with them! Based on grade level, Poe might play some word games, hide-and-seek, or his take on Simon Says: Poe Says.

Get Poe to pop into your or your child’s next online school session by completing this form.

We just wish Poe would pop into our next Zoom call!

J & M

Photo from, Shawn Hubbard @shawn_hubbard/© Shawn Hubbard 2019

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