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Perry Hall Christian School Panthers On A Mission!

April 28, 2023

Thanks to 450 children in grades K4-12, over 20,000 meals will be shipped to people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

How awesome is that?!

Today, I got to spend time with the students at Perry Hall Christian School as they packed meals to serve those in need through Kids Against Hunger. And I was so encouraged by their energy and hearts for service.

The kids entered the auditorium, put on their hair nets, and got right to work. Each student had a job, whether it was adding elements to the food pouch, weighing the pouches to make sure they had the right amount of food, or sealing them for shipping. It was such a privilege to see them working so joyfully as a team!

Each meal packet has 6 servings inside, with veggies, soy protein, vitamins, flavoring, and rice in each packet. It blows me away to think how many people and families will be blessed by these meals.

These kids are hilarious and helpful, the parent volunteers are so selfless, and the teachers and staff are incredible for coming up with this idea! I wish I’d gotten to do something like this when I was in school.

I hope you’ll join me in praying over these meals and the families they’ll serve, and for these kids, that a deeper love for serving God’s people is ignited in their hearts through this day.

Thanks for having me, Perry Hall Christian School!

If you’d like to host an event like this or volunteer at one, head to And if you’re interested in taking a look at Perry Hall Christian School for your child, click here!

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