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Optimism Is Blind.

be optimistic sign on a black door
October 21, 2019

There’s a difference, a big difference, between optimism and hope. One is blind, the other is not.

Optimism is blind – positivity is blind. You can choose to be positive, you can choose to be optimistic – but there’s something missing.

I think you can be positive and you can be optimistic, but not have hope. Hope is rooted in something that you know and believe to be true. I have hope because I know what Jesus did for me. I have hope because I know for a fact that God loves me. I’ve seen it in my life. That’s why I have hope.

That’s why when difficult circumstances come my way, I have hope. And I can be, in a way, positive and optimistic because I have hope. You can’t truly just be positive and be optimistic because it’s blind – there’s nothing attached to it. Optimism is blind. Hope is not. Put your hope in Jesus. 

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