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Nursing Home Designs ‘Hug Tunnel’ So Residents And Loved Ones Can Safely Embrace

black and white picture of an elderly man and woman hugging
June 24, 2020

A care home in Rio Grande do Sul, a southern state of Brazil, has come up with an innovative way to bring hugging back in the midst of a pandemic.

The staff at the Três Figueiras care home began noticing that some of their residents were a bit sad with the limited contact they have with their loved ones due to Covid-19 precautions and rules.

So, these caretakers brought to life the idea for the “hug tunnel,” which gives residents a safe way to experience the comfort of a hug.

This special tunnel is equipped with plastic that not only seals the entrance of the facility, but which also has four plastic arm holes that people can use to embrace one another.

It’s a safe and sweet way to give a hug without technically touching. Take a look for yourself:

(Lucas Uebel/Getty Images)

(Lucas Uebel/Getty Images)

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