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Nurses Had A Few Free Minutes and Used Them To Pray On Hospital Helipad

five nurses standing on a helicopter pad of a hospital with their arms stretched out beside them
April 8, 2020
Caroline Burk

Hospitals are quite busy and chaotic places to begin with, but add in the coronavirus pandemic, and doctors and nurses are even busier.

That is why it’s so amazing to see a group of nurses, like Angela Gleaves and her coworkers, take the few free minutes they had during their day and spend them praying.

Gleaves, a nurse in Nashville, Tennessee, took to Facebook to share how she and a group of her fellow nurses prayed for their unit, the hospital staff, patients, and the families of patients and employees. They could have used these minutes however they pleased, but they chose to spend them lifting up others.

The group quite literally prayed over the entire hospital as their prayer session took place on the helipad of Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Gleaves even added that they “could feel God’s presence in the wind.”

Shifts are long, times are scary, but our healthcare workers are brave. Let’s make sure to include them in our prayers.

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