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New TikTok Trend Has Kids Turning On Their Cameras For Class To Help Their Teachers

girl sitting with her head resting on her hand looking at computer and a teacher with curly hair looking into the camera teaching virtually
September 24, 2020
Caroline Burk

With most colleges opting to make classes online, professors are holding lectures over Zoom. Some Zoom classes hold only a few students, while other large-scale lectures can have over 300. However, instead of teaching to a room full of faces, most instructors are left talking to a blank screen, but why?

Well, most kids are choosing to turn their cameras off for their online classes, but not all. One college student on TikTok decided to break this trend.

Madison Morane noticed her teacher was talking to a bunch of black screens, so she flipped on her camera. Her professor cracks a smile at the sight of Morane’s face.

Morane posted a video of the scenario to TikTok to encourage other students to do the same, and it’s safe to say her idea is catching on! Her video has over 2.7 million views and counting…

These times are new to everyone, including teachers, and many of us don’t even know the true extent of the virtual learning struggle. I know I never even thought about how lonely it must be teaching to an empty computer screen…

It’s the little things that count and maybe if we all can make tiny efforts, like turning on our cameras, things might be a bit easier.

Watch Morane’s viral TikTok below:


i genuinely feel bad for teachers/professors. it must get so lonely sometimes. they’re really trying, ya know? ##zoom ##msu ##michiganstate

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Video and images credit to @Madisonnoellemoran on TikTok.

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