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Needing Rest Is Not A Sin

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October 14, 2021

Are you in the midst of perpetual exhaustion? Does just picking up your foot and placing it in front of the other feel like you’ve run a marathon? Or maybe it feels like everyone else is managing their lives better than you? You might be thinking, “Look at them! They’re amazing parents, and I bet they’re managing their home and answering every single work email.”

Maybe these feelings even have you believing that there’s a problem with you, like there’s something off with you spiritually.

So many people are in this exact situation right now. Craving and desperately searching for rest.

However, sometimes it can feel like needing to take care of ourselves is wrong, like needing rest is giving up, and taking a break is being selfish. These emotions might even push us to a point where we think rest is a sin.

In this episode of VERSED, John Lawhon discusses John 4:5-10 and what we can learn from Jesus about rest.

Jesus got tired. Jesus needed rest. And no, we’re not stronger than Him. Listen to the entire episode below as I explore the need for routine rest in our lives…


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