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Most Conversation Heart Candies Will Be Blank This Year!

January 28, 2020

Due to changes in production and some technical difficulties this year, most Sweethearts Conversation Heart candies will be completely blank!

According to bulk candy seller, only about 3% of the candies printed this year came out perfectly. 65% of the candies are completely blank, 24% have messages but you can’t tell what they say, and 8% have only partial print.

Apparently, a different company took over the production of Conversation Hearts this year, and their printers that write the messages on the candies malfunctioned—as did their backup printers.

Don’t believe it? Check out this “unboxing” video from that shows what a box of Conversation Hearts will look like this year!

Jack and I aren’t too heartbroken over it—we don’t eat those things anyway. They taste like chalk!


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