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More Than Just A Song

June 5, 2020

Guys. This one has all the feels. Turn your sound on for the video below. Leonardo is a musician who reviews music on his YouTube channel. People started sending him Christian songs to review. The thing is, he is not a believer. When I watched this video. I felt like I can see the Holy Spirit pouring into him. This is why I work at BRIGHT-FM.

For us, and I hope you too, these are more than just songs. They have the power of God that flows through them and can literally be the starting point for a new creation in Christ. If you have ever prayed for someone and were just hoping that someway, somehow they could know Jesus, don’t quit. You never know it just might be a song that does it.

Pray for Leonardo. He is on to something and I think he knows it.

— Jack

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