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Molly’s Minute: Making Room For Better Things

July 1, 2020

Last week, I started to feel like I had too much stuff. So, I cleaned out my closet.

And as I picked up each shirt, purse, and pair of pants, I’d ask myself:

“Am I going to get enough out of this? Is it really worth the space it’s taking up?” 

And if the answer was “No,” I’d take it out of the closet and put it in the donate pile. And pretty soon, I had a lot more space. It was kind of crazy how much useless stuff I had accumulated.

We don’t just hoard clothes and material possessions, though. There are other things that take up unnecessary space in our lives.

If you’re holding onto something today, like a problem you’re having, something that happened a few days or weeks ago, or maybe a grudge against someone else, I’d encourage you to ask yourself that question.

Is this worth the space it’s taking up?

And if the answer is “No,” then try to let it go. And make some room for better things.

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