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Molly’s Minute: Make His Paths Straight

June 25, 2021

What’s been keeping you from spending time with God?

For me lately, it’s been social media.

I try to read a few chapters of scripture every morning. But way too often, when I go to open the Bible app, I end up opening the Instagram app first.

Whether its a distraction, emotion, or something on our to-do list, there will always be some obstacle threatening to keep us away from God.

The question is, are we going to let it?

Matthew 3:3, “Prepare the way of the Lord; make his paths straight.”

If our path to God isn’t totally straight and free of bumps, we’ve gotta do something about it.

For me right now, that means tackling the obstacle of social media.

What about you?

What obstacle can you remove from your path to God today?

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