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Molly’s Minute: Better Rested

January 13, 2023

When you’re really trying to get something done—when you’re cramming for a test or trying to meet a deadline at work—is it better to work nonstop or to take time to rest?

Studies have shown that it’s actually more beneficial to rest.

While you rest from your work, your brain replays and reinforces everything you’ve done so far. So, when you come back to it, you’re better than before, more ready to tackle the task in front of you.

Regular rest is ultimately more productive than relentless work.

And didn’t Jesus show us that, too?

In Mark 6, the disciples come back from traveling around, preaching and performing miracles.

There’s still plenty more work to do. But rather than telling them to keep going, Jesus says, “Come away by yourselves… and rest a while.”

Rest is vital for effective work. It helps us pour more energy into the tasks God has given us.

So, today, don’t forget to put the work down. Find a minute to rest in His presence so you can give Him your very best

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