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Meet Orioles’ Head Groundskeeper: Nicole Sherry

Nicole Sherry and Tracey Tiernan standing next to one another while smiling and pointing at each other
April 5, 2023

This week’s Your Day Brighter® episode will introduce you to the incredible Nicole Sherry. She’s one of only two women in the entire history of major league baseball who has had the title and responsibility of being the Head Groundskeeper. 

Nicole didn’t set out to be a trailblazer, but that’s what she is. With the Baltimore Orioles having been at Camden Yards for 20 years, Nicole knows every inch of that beautiful field and she knows what it takes to keep it thriving.  

I’m a lifelong Orioles fan, and now I have a newfound respect for the knowledge of science and detailed work involved in keeping the most beautiful ballpark in the country healthy.  

Yep, I said it. Camden Yards is the best. And Nicole is the keeper of the Yard.  

Join me for a fascinating conversation with an amazing woman who found her special calling right where her passion for baseball and agriculture came together. God is in the details. Listen to her story below!


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