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Matthew West On The Story Behind “What If”

October 7, 2021

BRIGHT-FM artist Matthew West is saying goodbye to regret with his new song, “What If.”

What if today’s the only day I got?
I don’t wanna waste it if it’s my last shot
No regrets, in the end
I wanna know I got no what ifs

At some point, we’ve all looked back and wondered what could have been.

But a few months ago, when Matthew found himself wondering time and time again, he knew something needed to change.  

From then on, Matthew decided to start asking “What if?” in the here and now instead of after the fact.

And “What If”—and a new mindset—was born.

Matthew was inspired by John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” He knew that he couldn’t experience the fullness of life that God intended unless he grabbed hold of all the opportunities God handed him. So, he resolved to start grabbing them more often.

As part of that resolution, Matthew committed to what he called a “Summer of No What Ifs.” He wrote down everything he wanted to do during the season: fun family outings, bucket list items, and even some projects that scared him a bit.

And over the summer, he slowly checked everything off!

But it won’t stop at just a Summer of No What Ifs. Matthew is determined to extend the “No What Ifs” mindset to the rest of his life, and he hopes the song will inspire you to do the same.

Listen to Matthew share more of the heart behind “What If” here:

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