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Marriage Through An Eternal Perspective With Princess Fralin

Tracey Tiernan with her arm around Princess Fralin as the two smile and pose for a photo against a grey wall
March 8, 2023

Princess adores her husband of 31 years, Phillip. And she has gone from fighting with him to fighting for him.

I love this lady and her authenticity. Join me for a refreshingly candid conversation about marriage and how to see yours from God’s point of view. Princess is a marriage coach and mentor and she’s on a mission to save marriages.

She shares her personal journey of discovering it wasn’t all his fault after all. With the wisdom that comes from making mistakes, Princess’ new book, Embracing My Calling: Viewing my Marriage through an Eternal Perspective, is a must read for anyone who wants their marriage to be aligned with God’s purposes. This is such good, challenging stuff and comes with a warning: It may change your life.

If you’re married or even thinking about marriage, there is treasure here. Have a listen and share with someone who needs some encouragement. 


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