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Jonathan Traylor Is Always Under Construction

October 26, 2022

“Music is the only thing that doesn’t need permission from your brain to get into your spirit.” -Jonathan Traylor

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Traylor lights it up on my podcast this week in one of the most authentic conversations I’ve ever had. He shares his story of growing up with an abusive step-dad who simultaneously brought violence into the home, while also attending church every Sunday. Young Jonathan was confused by the inconsistencies, but his mother never stopped praying.

Her “crazy faith,” as Jonathan calls it, was a source of wonder as she prayed for what she and her family needed; and guess what? God provided. It was also his mom who volun-told him to be in the church choir.

Jonathan found hope in that same God who showed up for his mom. He fell in love with Jesus for himself and even asked God for the gift of music, so he could serve in the church. Jonathan had no idea of how God would answer that prayer, but He is still answering.

Buckle up…because this conversation between a white woman in her 50’s and a young African-American man is real honest about Jesus, grace, and race. Listen below:


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