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Join Body & Soul® Fitness For Week 2 Of Workout Wednesday

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February 1, 2022
Body & Soul® Fitness

This post is presented by Body & Soul® Fitness, courtesy of The Reynold’s Team.

We, at Body & Soul® Fitness, are excited and grateful that you have chosen to join us for another Workout Wednesday! Today’s routine is a part of our Dance Blast™ program and it’s choreographed to “Agradecido” by Danny Gokey. This is the perfect song for joyfully praising the Lord because not only is it catchy and upbeat, but its title is also the Spanish word for “grateful.”

“There’s a joy uncompromised over my life and everything starts with me giving thanks. The overflow of a grateful soul unlocks the doors and lets praises roar, but I can’t help but thank You, Lord, for every blessing.”

As Gokey sings these lyrics, you can almost picture him attempting to keep his grateful praises inside, but the joy cannot be contained. It must escape and roar! This is uncompromised joy. In fact, this real joy cannot be abandoned regardless of one’s situation or trials.

This type of joy is what Paul means when he writes to “give thanks in all circumstances” in 1 Thessalonians 5:18. Notice that he does not tell us to give thanks FOR all circumstances, but IN them – to be thankful no matter what we are experiencing. God is always near, especially when we find ourselves in difficult situations.

This is where we resolve to find joy in giving thanks and being grateful – agradecido.

When we agree to God’s perfect plan and submit to His authority, this uncompromised joy sets us free. Real joy that defies our circumstances can only be found in faith in God. Even when life is hard or filled with trials, our gratefulness can burst open into praise! In today’s Dance Blast™ workout, several of the moves illustrate this type of bursting joy with hands raised and an overall enthusiastic energy.

So, let’s make it personal: How often do you burst into praise? And not just for the good things, but for all things – in the good and the bad?

This week, we invite you to spend intentional time in prayer, bursting into praise, thanking God in whatever season you may be in right now. Perhaps this is a verbal prayer while working out to “Agradecido,” or journaling your thankfulness to be hung in your office as a constant reminder.

When we display our thankfulness visibly, it reminds us of God’s faithfulness even in the times where He seems distant or when thanking God is especially difficult. We encourage you to post your thankfulness to social media, calling others to outwardly share their gratitude in this season. We want to see social media flooded with this uncompromised joy. Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so we can gratefully praise God with you!

Remember, we are set free when we live our life in a state of agradecido!

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We hope to see you in person, virtually, or through our On Demand portal soon!

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