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Introducing Bruce Willis’ Body Double: Eric Buarque

Eric Buarque standing against a grey wood panel wall
April 12, 2023

Meet my friend Eric Buarque. Eric never thought about acting as something he’d want to do, until people started mistaking him for a very famous actor. And he wondered, is there something to this connection? Could I leverage how I look to break into the movie business?  

13 films and 20 commercials later, Eric had a long, wonderful run in the industry with the most unique role: Bruce Willis’s body double.  

He shares his fascinating story of what he calls God’s favor… For years, Eric traveled around the world and experienced the thrill of being in big budget films, acting, occasionally doing stunts, all as Bruce Willis’s body double.  

With Bruce’s illness recently announced, Eric has nothing but sincere gratitude and prayers for Bruce and his family as they navigate this difficult journey.  

Join me for this fascinating conversation with a man who might look a lot like Bruce Willis on the outside, but on the inside, I think Eric looks like Jesus.


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