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I Never Want To Go Back And I Never Want To Forget

New York City Skyline
September 11, 2019

I was working in Bethesda at a production studio. The security guard came in and told us to turn on the TV and the nightmare unfolded right there before our eyes. We tried to call our loved ones but the phone lines were all jammed with everyone trying to do the same thing. We stayed around awhile just watching the news and hoping we’d wake up and this wouldn’t be real.

I was feeling so helpless.. wondering what was coming next. And then, like so many others, I left work early. I remember sitting in gridlocked traffic on 495 with all the people trying to get out of DC. Home was where we all wanted to be…home with the people we loved.

It was the most beautiful, awful September day. Brilliant blue sky, buckets of sunshine and a new reality. Perspective came that day. So did priorities.

There was no competition for what was most important. It rose up like smoke out of our broken hearts. We were burning like the city on fire and who we really were, was revealed.

I never want to go back and I never want to forget.
And I will be forever grateful to those who become better when things get worse.

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