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How God Used Dallas Barbee’s Mess To Create A Message

Tracey and Dallas side by side on a video call tracey wearing black v neck shirt sitting in front of a green leafy tree and Dallas wearing a tie dye black shirt that reads Saved Not Soft as she sits in front of a brown wooden wall
February 24, 2021

Tracey Tiernan’s most recent Your Day Brighter™ Podcast featured Dallas Barbee (@dallas.thebarber.noel) – a barber, a recovery pastor, and a social media influencer. Her motto is helping people find and follow Jesus one recovery story at a time, and her faith is contagious! The following is an excerpt from the Your Day Brighter™ Podcast:

I have a background of being born into a very, very dysfunctional family. Drug-addicted, alcoholic teen parents. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, sexual trauma as a child in my own life. Then, moving forward to beginning to abuse drugs and alcohol as a 12-year-old girl, just looking for something to numb what was going on around me in my life.

So, I have that story and now that I’ve come to the other side of it and God has truly used my mess to create a message, I have such a heart for people who are struggling with these things because I know there’s an answer. Right? I know that there’s recovery.

We are in this place where God’s calling us to teach people. Recovery, secular recovery, is thought to be addiction… like you have to be addicted to something to be in recovery. That’s not true.

Every human being needs recovery. We are living in a broken world and with recovery, just like with following Jesus, we are better together.

So, if I can show my mess to one person and let them see what God is doing with my mess, then let’s go!

Want to hear more about God’s amazing work in Dallas’ life and how He is using her for big things? Listen to the full podcast below or on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!


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