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How God Revealed Jeremy Camp’s “Anxious Heart”

Jeremy Camp in a leather jacket and a white t-shirt posing against a blue wall
March 29, 2023

Ever had a panic attack? Jeremy Camp knows what it’s like. His new song “Anxious Heart” starts like this:  

“Locked up and I’m so in my head 
Heart starts racing and I can’t slow it down 
Hands shaking and l’m losing my breath 
Paralyzed with a mind spinning out 
My strength has grown weak 
No words left to speak 
I fell to my knees 
Cause I know what I need.”

It happened on a trip to Israel when Jeremy felt those feelings. He felt like he was dying. What was going on? He had a lot of questions, and thankfully, he knew where to take them. The Lord showed Jeremy how he had been hiding fears deep inside and how they were now manifesting themselves in this anxiousness of heart.  

Having dealt with anxiety in my own life, those lyrics hit so close to home. Can you relate? Join me for an unforgettable conversation with singer/songwriter Jeremy Camp who shares how the Lord showed up for him…not with judgement, frustration, or disappointment, but with so much love.  

I adore this conversation so much, and I can’t wait for you to hear it!


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