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How Do I Know If I’m Worshipping An Idol?

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February 14, 2022

As I prepared this podcast episode, The Lord of The Rings was playing in the background. It was ironic, actually, because the theme of this episode is the issue of worshipping idols and how to know if we are.

For anyone who has read, heard of, or watched The Lord of the Rings, you get it, so I don’t need to explain further about the power that the ring has in the story and the grip it has on those who come into its presence.

If you aren’t familiar with this series, let’s talk about the story of Romeo and Juliet instead. I never really liked it, probably because I read it in middle or high school and didn’t truly understand it. It’s based around the idea of Romeo and Juliet worshipping one another so much so that the very idea of having to live without the other caused each of them to commit suicide. It’s a bit dramatic to me, but just like the ring in The Lord of The Rings, there’s a theme of worship and idolization.

There are stories throughout history, some fact and some fiction, that show the issues that arise when we worship anything other than the one true God. We see a true story of that playing out today in history within the biblical narrative. It begs these questions:

How do we know what we are truly worshipping? And what is the difference between worshipping idols and worshipping God?

Listen below to find Biblical answers to these questions as we explore Acts 19:23-29.

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Love you all – keep making hope louder!


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