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How Can A Christian Thrive In Our Current Culture?

birds eye view of people in motion walking on the street
November 4, 2021

It is nearly impossible to avoid the pressure to be and to think like everyone else around us.

It all starts at a young age. We want to fit in. We don’t want to be singled out or targeted. We want to be loved and accepted, even if it comes at the cost of changing who we are like a chameleon.

I think at the core of this desire to fit in is fear. Insecurities, anxiety, and the fear of being alone. All of us humans deal with this pressure. YET, if you are a Christian, a genuine believer and follower of Jesus, you are called to live in a culture without becoming a part of it.

So, practically, how in the world are we supposed to accomplish that? I think everyone has their own ideas, and their own excuses, for what being in the world but not of the world means. Exploring Titus 1:5-9 will help us understand how to follow this commandment, practically.

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