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He Is Breaking Some Ground

September 11, 2020

I will be completely honest, I have HATED 2020. From dealing with the pandemic to a lot of chaos in my own life, I have painted this whole year with the broad brush of one word: Terrible.

I’m reminded by my wife often that I have a tendency to paint things with broad strokes. To me things tend to be either black or white, there are no shades of grey. The truth is many good things have actually happened, I’ve just been required to a have willingness to see the good in many situations. Not an easy thing for me.

My friend, Jeff Stark, is a terrific pastor and teacher and writer. This week we shared his words on the air about God stirring change within us during this tough, tough year. Jeff writes:

What if God is using this season of disruption to break ground in your life?

What if God is punching through the hardened soil of your heart, soil made stiff from complacency, comfort, fatigue, overconfidence, or disappointment?

What if God is cracking the earth and using this season to reveal character…of you and those around you?

What if God is tilling the earth to sift the ground of fertile soil from the rocks to be removed?

What if God is using the disruption as a season of cultivation, cultivating a fertile environment for new growth, new hope, new levels of trust…calling you to repent and return to Him as the master gardener, pruning your life so your new fruit is healthy and flourishes.

What if God is using this season of disruption to break ground?

Powerful stuff huh? Maybe this disruption is the tilling of our souls and our lives so that God may do a new thing in us, in our cities and in our world. I’m ready for healthy fruit. What about you?


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