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Grace Bombs: What Are They And How Do They Point People To Jesus? Pat Linnell Explains

April 6, 2021

What is a grace bomb? Pat Linnell, pastor, author, and movement leader, explains the concept of tapping into God’s kindness assignments for you on this week’s episode of Your Day Brighter® with Tracey Tiernan.

Below is an excerpt from “Grace Bomb with Pat Linnell”:

So, a grace bomb is a surprising gift that is meant to brighten somebody’s day, but unlike a random act of kindness, a grace bomb is different because we’re really talking about intentional acts of love that are motivated by Jesus and prompted by the Holy Spirit in any day and every day.

The goal of a grace bomb is actually to point people to the source of kindness.

I love all the current kindness movements in culture today; it’s great, like my Doritos bag tells me to be kind, I have apps that remind me of kind stories – I love that. We’re created in the image of God and we should be about that. But where generic kindness movements fall short is that they’re not implicating the source. We don’t want to detach the source from the kindness, and so a grace bomb implicates Jesus. Then, for those interested or intrigued, they can find out “oh, this came from somebody who is following Jesus!”

Maybe you grace bombed a follower of Jesus and they’re like, “wow, I should be doing this!” or maybe you grace bombed a neighbor who is not a believer and they’re like, “I didn’t think a Christian would be cool like that and blow my mind by this awesome thing that they did.”

There’s many varieties and kinds of grace bombs: anything that requires your time, treasure, or talent. What they all have in common is that they’re surprising, they’re kind of out-of-the-blue. They’re lovingly fun and disruptive.

You can learn more about the beauty of grace bombs by listening to the entire Your Day Brighter® episode below. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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