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Gordon Ramsay Special Featuring Ellicott City Airs May 12

straight road shot from above filled with people wearing blue ponchos and carrying brooms to clean up the street
May 11, 2020
Caroline Burk

You might remember a few months ago before quarantine, hearing buzz about celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay filming something on Mainstreet Ellicott City. Word eventually got out that Ramsay was filming a secret special focusing on revitalizing the town, but we would have to wait a few months to find out all the details.

Lucky for us, the waiting is over and we can finally see what went on behind the scenes in the historic city. The special is set to air tomorrow, May 12 from 8 pm-10 pm on FOX 45 in Baltimore and FOX 5 DC.

Ramsay’s special is rumored to be “the biggest makeover challenge yet” after the town suffered two major floods in 2016 and 2018. Ellicott City residents and businesses have fought to recover after each flood and the town’s resiliency is amazing, but the community was definitely excited to receive a much-needed helping hand.

Although it was a big challenge to undertake, Ramsay didn’t have to face it alone. He enlisted some special guests to keep an eye out for, including former Raven Torrey Smith, Orioles Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr, and more! Watch below for a preview of the two-hour special and make sure to tune in tomorrow night.

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