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Finding Your Purpose Through Grief & Loss With Esther Brant

Tracey Tiernan with her arm around Esther Brant as the two smile and pose for a photo against a grey wall
March 1, 2023

Esther Brant has been a dedicated nurse for over 30 years, and she just glows from the inside!

She is a woman of tremendous faith and joy, with a giggle that bubbles up so easily and so often that you’d never guess how much loss she’s suffered or how humble her beginnings were. When a crippling disease devastated multiple members of her family, Esther grieved and discovered God had a purpose for her amid her family’s suffering.

She knew she had to help. She knew God was calling her to be a nurse. Growing up in a poor, undeveloped village in The Bahamas, the odds were stacked against her, but Esther prayed… and as she did, she says “I began thinking about all the people in the world I would help”.  

For anyone who has grieved hard and wondered how to hold on to your faith, Esther’s story is a master class in trusting God. I can’t wait for you to meet her on this week’s episode of Your Day Brighter™.  


You can learn about Your Day Brighter’s host Tracey Tiernan and discover more episodes of this podcast by visiting the Your Day Brighter® Podcast Page.

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