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Everything Beautiful In Its Time – A Poem for My Mom

May 10, 2022

God has made everything beautiful in its time. – Ecclesiastes 3:11

It was 1963 and she was only 16, the oldest of 3
A good girl, a beauty queen
Born to a family with little means, she was about to blow her life up to smithereens
She met a guy, a musician….he may as well have been a magician
He cast a spell, they were hopeless in love,
But Is love enough when things get tough?
Things were about to get really tough

But God has made everything beautiful in its time.
When the test came back positive and the talk at home was derogative,
They knew they didn’t have much to give-
but for the baby she carried, those crazy kids got married
The hotel room was free so they honeymooned in DC
Did I mention she was just 16? And this was November of 1963?
Horrible history was made that day… the assassination of JFK
As the crowds took to the streets, the world was changed, the loss of peace
Was rampant outside and on the inside too.
And yet, life was still growing inside her womb.

But God has made everything beautiful in its time.

So the good girl and the musician… Feeling fear and contrition
Headed back home- with so much unknown.
The world they knew was gone…
She dropped out of school, while her belly grew
He worked at the paper waiting for his breakthrough
They tried to grow up in just a few months
And even looked like a family that one time… once
Living in a tiny apartment, struggling to pay rent
Hiding the disappointment and nursing the resentment
Their teenage years and dreams for their future
Were now nothing more than a cruel rumor

But God has made everything beautiful in its time.

The pressure of it all, was too much for their marriage
There was pain and abuse but also stunning courage.
Swallowing her pride she went back home,
Until she could make it on her own.
Living back at home when you’ve left one time, is treading a very very  fine line. Especially when you’ve got a baby that cries.

But God has made everything beautiful in its time.

The beauty queen was now a mother…and though her own heart was broken,
she would not be just a pretty token,
She would stretch her skills and stretch her pennies,
Remarry and divorce, barely out of her twenties
She struggled and saved to keep her now two girls afloat
Using layaway so they could have new
TV dinners and spam for supper,
and right through the living room, a plastic runner.
She was a mother…and her house and heart were clean…
But don’t be mistaken, she’s still a beauty queen.
The pregnant teen’s story continues, her legacy and her family thrive
And now 3 generations have come from her line
The choices she made, for no applause,
all those sacrifices- became who she was…

For 58 years I’ve loved her… this woman is my mother.

When plans unfold beyond our control,
We don’t always see the design
But I believe, God has indeed, made everything beautiful in its time.

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