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Evan Craft and the Language of Worship

April 12, 2022

As a teenager, Evan Craft took seriously Jesus’ call to love our neighbors (Mark 12:31), but he realized he couldn’t love them well if he couldn’t talk to them.  So many of his neighbors spoke Spanish and while this wasn’t his culture or language, he was determined to break that barrier and build a bridge instead.

Evan studied Spanish and landed in Latin America at 21 years old. He said, “Here I am Lord. Use me.”  Evan weaves English and Spanish together in his music and builds bridges of connection between cultures. To worship God in a language that connects to our hearts is what we all long for; and when we can worship together, with our different cultures and languages, it’s a glimpse of heaven.  

You’re going to love Evan’s heart. Join me for a great conversation with my new friend: singer-songwriter and bridge-builder…Evan Craft. 


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