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Danny Gokey Playing Hurt

November 20, 2019

Danny Gokey just wrapped up his latest tour and we were thrilled to have him here in Maryland on November 7th. What blew me away besides his amazing voice? His non-stop energy! Danny can really dance! And so can his band. They had fantastic choreograpy throughout much of his show and it was a blast to watch. But just a few days after his Maryland performance, Danny’s tour went to Richmond, Va and a freak accident made his show unforgettable in a way he never wanted it to be. 

Danny was getting ready for his VIP meet and greet with his fans just before the show on November 10th when he tripped over a wire that tipped over the hot water reservoir for his wardrobe steamer. His feet were scalded and he suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns and had to go to Urgent Care. But Danny being the trouper he is, didn’t cancel his show. He moved the VIP meet and greet til after the show, got treated for his burns, bandaged up and then…did his whole performance, sitting in a chair! Danny couldn’t help himself from moving and even did the choreography while sitting down. While he had every reasonable excuse to cancel the show, Danny didn’t want to disappoint his fans and so he played heart out, while hurt. We have so much love and respect for this man who cares so much about his fans. 

Truth is… lots of people play hurt every day. Ordinary people who are in the midst of overwhelming trials, and yet they keep showing up with courage and love, giving it all they’ve got. Other people may not even know all you’re dealing with, but God knows, God sees. And He will strengthen you and lift you up. If you’re playing hurt today, know that you’re not in this alone and in your weakness, God’s power is made perfect. You’re seen. You’re loved. And you don’t have to pretend you’re ok when you’re not. You can even take a seat if you have to. But when the Lord gives you strength to play hurt, don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing from your chair. 

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