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Crowder Shares The Story Behind His New Song “In The House”

December 13, 2021

Crowder’s new song “In The House” was a long time in the making. One could even say it dates back to David Crowder’s Sunday school days…

The song is inspired by a verse that the lead singer memorized when he was just four years old:

“I rejoiced with those who said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.'” -Psalm 122:1

Aligning with the message of this verse, this upbeat tune is focused on rejoicing in the hope, salvation, and peace we are offered as we enter the house of the Lord.

Somebody who loves you, is waiting at the door
It’s home sweet home here in the house of the Lord
Take a load off
You’re about to find your rest
It’s a crazy world out there, got some hope right here
Out of the wilderness

Crowder spoke on his own excitement of entering his personal church each week, and what church means to him:

“It’s grace. It’s acceptance. It’s to be seen, and known, and loved.”

The acceptance and love Crowder discusses are things we all long for, and better yet, they are things that we can all have in Christ. “In The House” is a beautiful (and catchy) reminder of this and the fact that everyone is welcome in the house of the Lord.

Crowder himself put it best when he said “the grace of God extends to everyone. No matter how far you’ve gone, there’s home waiting.”

Listen below to hear Crowder explain more of the story and meaning behind this new song:

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